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Foreign legislation can prohibit the publication or access to the PEC Global Equity Fund (hereinafter "PEC Fund") website. Individuals subject to such restrictions may not therefore visit the PEC Fund website. Restrictions apply in particular to citizens of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Japan, as well as to individuals residing in these countries. Please note also that these individuals are not protected by local laws or other regulations which apply to them. It is the responsibility of each individual to obtain information from qualified advisors concerning the relevant restrictions.

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In addition to the legal notices provided here, the conditions of use listed elsewhere on the website also apply to the utilisation of news and information provided on the PEC Fund website.

The greatest possible care was taken in the preparation of this PEC Fund website. Nevertheless, WAM accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage of any type whatsoever caused by the use of this website or the information contained therein. Information on this website can be changed at any time without notice.

No responsibility is assumed for the reproduction on the PEC Fund website of data supplied by third parties. Neither WAM nor any information provider or third party that provides the information provider accept any liability for damage or consequential damage arising from false, inaccurate or incomplete information or calculations reproduced on the website. Visitors to the website are urged to check the integrity of the information received and to make their investment decisions on the basis of their own investigations (third-party advice, other publications etc.).

Transferring information over the Internet can be subject to faults, delays or errors in the provision of data which are beyond the control of WAM or any information provider. Neither WAM nor any information provider accepts liability for damage or consequential damage caused by such irregularities. In particular, no liability is accepted for any type of consequential damage whatsoever arising from a delay or inability to use the PEC Fund website.

Past value trends offer no guarantee of future profits. The capital deployed can be subject to fluctuations in value and, under certain circumstances, the investor may not be able to recover the capital originally invested. Investments in foreign currencies are also subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The information on the PEC Fund website does not constitute an offer or request to buy or sell investment instruments or recommendations for other transactions.

WAM draws your attention to the fact that the use of e-mail and electronic forms entails risks. Under certain circumstances data may be viewed or changed by third parties and WAM identified as the recipient. This in turn can have consequences for the relationship with WAM.

If you click on certain links on the PEC Fund website, you will leave the PEC Fund website. Such links, addresses or hyperlinks are provided exclusively for reasons of user-friendliness and information and do not constitute a recommendation by WAM. WAM has not checked any of these websites linked to the PEC Fund website or which contain links to the PEC Fund website and accepts no liability for their content, products and services or other offerings. The use of links from the PEC Fund website to third-party websites is at your own risk.

United States of America

It may be assumed that the securities described on the PEC Fund website are not registered in accordance with the US Securities Act of 1933. The purchase of these securities in the United States is therefore prohibited.

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